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The Melbourne Space Program unveils new website and logo

The changes come as the organisation prepares to complete the build of its inaugural satellite in 2017.

The Melbourne Space Program (MSP), a not-for-profit organisation focused on education and innovation in the Australian aerospace sector, unveiled today their new website and logo. With this rebranding, the Melbourne Space Program signals its progress towards establishing itself as a leader in advancing space-related growth and activity.

The website offers a revamped platform for MSP to promote its activities and share relevant information on the program, its aims and its achievements. It also serves as an improved channel of communication with the public, students and volunteers, sponsors, and those within the education and aerospace sectors seeking to establish partnerships with MSP.

The clean, modern aesthetic of the new logo represents a refined, fresh take on the old logo – one that reflects the professional maturation of the organisation whilst acknowledging the original look created during its time as a University of Melbourne student club.

‘This is an exciting time for the Melbourne Space Program. As we prepare to complete the build of our inaugural nanosatellite this year, we wanted a website and branding that reaffirmed our commitment to inspiring and educating the next generation of the aerospace workforce,’ says Operations Manager Megan Toomey.

‘And we believe that the new website and logo allow us to better communicate our mission and our passion to the public, to show them how space technology impacts their everyday lives and how a robust aerospace industry can provide substantial social and economic value in Australia.’

The Melbourne Space Program employed the web designer company Niika for the creation of the website and logo and thanks them for their hard work in helping the program cultivate in its development.

To contact the MSP Marketing & Communications team, please email us at

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