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Signals in space: a new NASA job, the world’s smallest nano-satellite and plans for a breakthr

Bringing you the most recent space-related news in this weekly feature.

Apply to be a Planetary Protection Officer with NASA

NASA is looking for someone to fill a highly important and science fiction-esque job! They want someone to ensure that astronauts and spacecraft don’t bring any alien matter back to contaminate Earth. It’s only available to U.S. citizens but it’s a cool plan to any nationality.

Venus, First Israeli Research Mini-Satellite, Already Sends Data

The world’s smallest nano satellite and the first to ever be made in Israel is doing very well in space. It is beaming back data on aspects such as agriculture and the environment while filling every Israeli with pride at their achievement.

Glasgow company unveils plans for breakthrough new satellite venture

Some major satellite news has recently come out of Scotland. An innovative company has unveiled a plan to launch satellites containing “cold atoms” that will enable them to analyse data which had previously been undetectable like gravitational forces on the Earth’s surface!


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