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Cubesat Innovation Workshop kicks off in Sydney, and a trio of Australian-built cubesats take flight

The Melbourne Space Program was invited to partake in the Cubesat Innovation Workshop 2017, an event being held over two days (19-20 April) by the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research(ACSER) at the University of New South Wales. With speakers from current missions, industry, academia, and a strong focus on start-ups and student innovation, Day 1 of the Cubesat Innovation Workshop has been an exciting experience for MSP.

Representing the program is Isobel Carmody, our Legal & Regulatory Manager, as well as our new Managing Director Michael Norris. They will be speaking about our inaugural cubesat mission, the program’s educational goals and the challenges we’ve faced as a student group in the Australian space sector.

“We’re looking forward to meeting other enthusiastic space workers and finding out what's going on in the space sector,” Michael said. The workshop’s program also includes speeches and sessions held by major figures in Australian space organisations as well as universities and start-up companies.

The workshop aligns with some incredibly exciting news: the first Australian-built satellites to be launched in 15 yearshave just been successfully launched into space.

Built by the University of Adelaide, Sydney University and UNSW, these three satellites are a part of QB-50, a European-funded project that consists of an international network of 50 cubesats.

The launch aired live on NASA TV just after midnight last night, with news of its success setting an exciting tone for the start of the event this morning.

We’d like to congratulate the QB-50 teams for their fantastic work. They are an inspiration! And we send our compliments and best wishes with Michael and Isobel as they are set to speak during today's speaker sessions and will do our program proud at this special event.

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