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Aerospace Futures 2018 kicks off in Canberra tonight

The Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) is a student-led organisation with the objective of promoting education, awareness and involvement in the space industry for young Australians. In addition to running high school rocket programs and an undergraduate space week, one of the major events that AYAA runs is the Aerospace Futures Conference.

Intended for undergraduate and graduate university students, the Futures conference is one of the best opportunities for university students to network within the Australian space industry as well as academia. And tonight, that conference kicks off in Canberra, running though to Thursday 19 July.

With the announcement of the National Space Agency in Australia, Canberra is the best time and place for the Aerospace Futures conference to be held. Hundreds of delegates, speakers, and organizations all over the globe have become a part of it in the past, and this year’s conference brings together a wide variety of prestigious industry, academic and government speakers to the capital.

Some of our MSP members will be attending the conference, and you can follow along on our social media to see what they get up to!

For more details and schedule of the event, visit the AYAA Aerospace Futures website.

Written by: Ankit Koshy

Edited by: Megan Toomey

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