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Our Software Engineering team is hiring!

Role: Software Engineer

Reports to: Lead Software Engineers

Ideal start date: ASAP

Type: Voluntary*

Length: 6 months minimum

Location: Level 2, 333 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Ideal availability: 10 hours/week

Applications close: Sunday, March 15 at 5 pm

We are seeking engaged and passionate engineers to join the Robotics and AI Lab at MSP. This team is engaged in designing and developing intelligent software systems for real-world use cases. The responsibilities of the role extend across a wide range of disciplines and you will have the opportunity to undertake work from any of these areas, depending on your own interests, skillset and initiative.


Examples of responsibilities that will be involved in the project are:

  1. Collect and analyse sensor data using Robot Operating System (ROS)

  2. Develop path planning and obstacle avoidance algorithms for a Mars Rover

  3. Develop image recognition models to identify objects and classify terrain

  4. Supporting and collaborating with team members


Essential skills for potential candidates are:

  1. Python or C++ experience (required)

  2. A desire to learn!

  3. Currently, a student taking 2 or more subjects this semester.


The additional desired (but not required) skills and traits we are looking for in potential candidates are:

  1. Experience with ROS or Linux

  2. Demonstrated effective time management and adaptability

  3. Demonstrated ability to take initiative for working on tasks or taking on challenges

  4. Previous experience with robotics and complex problem solving


The time commitment is typically 10 hours/week but will be flexible to accommodate your study needs, especially during the exam period.


About MSP

The Melbourne Space Program is an independent not-for-profit that seeks to prepare industry-ready graduates by giving them real-world projects to work on in parallel to their university studies. The MSP successfully launched the ACRUX-1 satellite in June 2019 achieving full mission success. ACRUX-1 was designed and built entirely from scratch by students at the MSP with experienced industry mentors providing guidance. We now have our sights set on new frontiers and missions - one of which is our Robotics & AI Lab project. You will be part of the software team developing the autonomous navigation system for a Mars rover. 


How to apply

For the full application form, position description and additional details, click here.


The interview process

Applications will close on Sunday 15th March at 5 pm. The process involves two rounds of interviewing.


If you’ve already applied for a software engineering position with another team at MSP but also would like to be considered for this role, please send an email to Jack McRobbie ( to express your interest. 



Start: 16 March (rolling)

End: 20 March


Start: 23 March (rolling)

End: 27 March 


The above timeline is flexible, special arrangements can be made for those who can’t make these dates. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Xue ( or Jack (

*Please note that all roles within MSP, from the Managing Director to the newest member, are volunteer-based. 

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