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Our Engineering team is hiring! 

Role: ACRUX-2 Engineering Team Member

WORK TYPE: Volunteer


HOURS REQUIRED: 10 hours per week (on average)


LOCATION: 333 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

IDEAL AVAILABILITY: Saturday mornings at CBD location


Reports to: Lead Project Engineers

Department: Space - Engineering


Position Overview


The MSP is looking to fill its engineering team to begin initial design work on our next nano-satellite ACRUX-2. Engineers on the ACRUX-2 project will take ownership of all aspects of the project development including systems engineering & requirements setting, detailed technical design and calculations, prototyping, testing etc. You will have the chance to be involved in development from start to finish alongside other similarly motivated individuals.

As part of this team, you would actively practice technical skills (learn how best practice project management implementing agile principles in a complex project environment) and work on your core skills such as communication and building research capability.

Beyond this project, you would have the opportunity to experiment across different engineering disciplines while owning the mission and priority work as a team, interacting with industry professionals across space and broader technology industries. You would also have the opportunity to contribute to a satellite in the design, testing and launch and be in the handful of Australian students to ever design and launch your own satellite.

The time commitment expected in this role is approximately 10 hours per week. There is significant flexibility in the program and outside the mandatory meetings on Saturday mornings, members may complete their work at a time that suits them. We accommodate your study needs and will plan work around other commitments, especially during the exam period.

Online applications will close on Sunday 15th March at 5:00 pm. Following this we will conduct interviews with successful candidates. Dates for interviews are not yet decided and will depend on a number of applications, team member availability and other factors. All applicants can expect to hear back within 2 weeks of applications closing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

*Please note that all roles within MSP, from the Managing Director to the newest member, are volunteer-based. 

More information about the role is contained in the online application form at the link below.


How to apply


For the full application form, position description and interview details, click here



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