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MSP partners with LEAP Australia to bring students free ANSYS training

We recently partnered up with LEAP Australia to host a on ANSYS software that ran over two full days – Thursday, 28 June to Friday, 29 June.

The training was run by Hashan Mendis of LEAP Australia, a leading provider of engineering software in Australia and New Zealand. The two-day training was open to all university students and recent alumni.

The purpose of the training was to allow students to get free hands-on learning and experience using ANSYS Workbench, a platform for advanced engineering simulation technology often used alongside CAD or DesignModeler.

LEAP Australia is keen to engage future engineers who want to use simulation and virtual prototypes to improve their product performance – and they know that there is a growing demand from industry to recruit job-ready graduate engineers who have ANSYS experience and skills.

The training covered aspects of structural analysis such as linear, non-linear, vibration and thermal analysis; and fluids analysis, including turbulent flow modelling, heat transfer modelling, discrete phase modelling and multi-species flow modelling.

A great turnout for the two-day training co-hosted by the Melbourne Space Program and LEAP Australia! Credit: Melbourne Space Program.

“We had two successful days of training, jam packed with presentations and hands on tutorials,” says Hashan. “We had students simulating advanced structural mechanics in carbon rims, multiphase simulations of scouring around bridges and complicated interactions between fluid and piezo-electric materials involving electrical, structural and fluids simulations.”

Hashan noted that the training helped increased student awareness about how simulations are currently being used the industry, and students were enthusiastic about the future of simulation.

“The students also learned how these skills could help them today by using it to improve their design, its relation to their undergraduate and postgraduate projects as well as how having these skills on their resume will help them get internships and jobs,” says Hashan.

MSP and LEAP Australia have co-hosted ANSYS training once before, at the end of 2017. The key concepts covered over the two days of training in December 2017 included vibration analysis, PCB power analysis, electromagnetic interference evaluation and thermal effects.

Students from last year’s ANSYS training, co-hosted by MSP and LEAP Australia in December 2017. Credit: Melbourne Space Program.

“University students are at the core of why MSP exists and the opportunity to partner with great teams such as LEAP Australia who can provide industry-software training is invaluable experience,” says Andrew Wetherell, Managing Director of the Melbourne Space Program.

Partnerships such as MSP’s relationship with LEAP Australia help develop a job ready workforce.

“It is important that when students graduate they are well equipped for the workforce from a technical and soft-skill perspective,” says Andrew. “The ANSYS training by LEAP Australia is a great step to bridging missing technical skills for students, providing professional tools training which they can continue to use into the workforce.”

Running events such as the LEAP Australia – ANSYS training helps MSP open up training to students outside of the program’s internal training. MSP plans to run more events similar to this so as to provide industry training for any interested students.

Did you attend the ANSYS training held in June 2018?

LEAP offers ongoing support for their academic/student customers to help them use ANSYS after they’ve attended these workshops. They can reach LEAP at Students can utilise the self-paced learning content on the LEAP Academic Portal for Australian and New Zealand engineers; they can create their own free account here to gain access to CFD tutorials and presentations, FEA tutorials and presentations and much more.

LEAP Australia would love feedback directly from students about the kind of training they are after and how LEAP Australia can help students become job ready.

Please send feedback and suggestions to with the email subject line – Feedback from MSP Training for LEAP. You can also follow LEAP Australia on social media to keep up-to-date on upcoming events, workshops and webinars.

Written by: Megan Toomey and Markos Hasiotis

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